jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Odio que saques lo peor de mi.

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Remember me

Para llorar.

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010


Todavía tengo las emociones como entumecidas. Que cosa, che.
Ahí vienen the office y el sahumerio de frutilla en mi rescate (?).

viernes, 9 de abril de 2010


[as Dwight is moaning]
Jim Halpert: Did I ever tell you why I left Scranton?

Dwight Schrute: [incoherent mumbling] No you didn't.

Jim Halpert: Yeah, I didn't think I had. Well, it was all about Pam.

Dwight Schrute: [more incoherent mumbling]

Jim Halpert: Yeah, she was with Roy, and, uh, I just couldn't take it. I mean, I lost it, Dwight. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't concentrate on anything. Even weird stuff, like food had no taste. So my solution was to move away. It was awful. It was something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and that includes you.

Dwight Schrute: [sobs and reaches out for Jim, who has already walked away]


Pam Beesly: Now that I think about it, Angela and Andy might actually make a good couple... but I couldn't do that to Dwight. Or Angela... or Andy.


Jim Halpert: Mmm... I'd say one in six.
Pam Beesly: What?
Jim Halpert: Oh I thought you asked me what our chances were of being murdered here tonight.

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010


Me reencontré.
Creo que el frío está haciendo de las suyas conmigo, hasta el aire se siente más liviano.